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Living in old age

What will happen to me when I am old? When everything is a little more difficult and when, perhaps, my partner is no longer able to help?

Not all of us have a safety net of family and friends to catch us and take care of us when we are ill or disabled. And when the children seldom come to visit or, even worse, live hundreds of kilometres away, we are threatened with loneliness and even isolation.

For this reason, older people have not only different wishes, but they also have a diverse range of essential requirements in their homes. And these requirements change with increasing years.

  1. For example, it is often the case that the space required has decreased because the children are no longer at home, or because the partner has died. Also, when the care of the house and garden is no longer as easy as it once was, many people want to move to a centrally located apartment. Of course, one that is easily accessible with a terrace or balcony.
  2. If necessary and when required, there are services relating to everyday living that can be used, such as cleaning aids, concierge service or the provision of craftsmen facilities.
  3. Depending on the degree of support needed, some prefer to move to a nursing home while others want to be cared for in the comfort of their own homes.

For this reason, our properties are not only barrier-free and equipped with modern technology. They are designed to support participation in local events, sports and other outdoor activities.